JPS TOURS, the travel experience for clients with special needs.



JPS Tours provides all-inclusive vacation packages for travellers from the ages of 16 to adult with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We offer the best ratio of chaperones for travellers--one chaperone for every three or four travellers. Our average group size is 8 and we strive to match the mobility, ages, social skills, and capabilities of trip participants.

Our expertise shows our affinity for, and sensitivity to, those with special needs. JPS Tours has over 18 years experience in special needs travel and has provided peak experiences and treasured memories for more than 300 travellers from Belgium. This innovative organization has earned high praise featured in many major daily newspapers across the country.

Why we're special

There are many reasons why travellers choose for JPS Tours year after year: Our foundation in special education, our caring and knowledgeable team, our length of trips that offer plenty of fun and relaxation, our included airfare package costs are just a few.

We're Rooted in Special Education

We're rooted in special education, rather than in the travel industry. Japie Swings, the founder and executive director of JPS Tours has enjoyed over two decades of working with those with special needs. He has a master's degree in special education and has been the director of residential programs for adults with developmental disabilities in Belgium.

Our background is evident in our affinity for and sensitivity to those with special needs. We are more inclusive than many similar organizations, and tailor trips to accommodate a broader range of developmental/intellectual disabilities.

We've Got Experience

Our founder and executive director, Japie Swings, has a proven track record of over 27 years of leadership and expertise in both areas of special education and travel. During that time, he's organized over 600 trips throughout Europe, Asië, Africa and internationally, providing cherished memories to over 350 travellers from all Belgium. We get rave reviews from our participants, their parents and/or their caregivers.

We've Got the Best Chaperones

All JPS Tours chaperones are respectful, warm-hearted, fun, and inclusive. They have a keen sensitivity to the needs of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and they appreciate how important JPS Tours adventures are to our special travellers. Our chaperones are school teachers, counsellors, residential care providers and other caring individuals. They are carefully screened and reviewed before and after every trip!

We've Got Great Package Deals

Our package prices include airfare, transportation with minicoaches from the central startingpoint, and all meals at the destination. We have our own travel agent on staff who will work with you to arrange air transportation when you book your trip. 

Our trips are long enough to give travellers plenty of non-travel days for fun at our destination. We offer international trips to exciting places like Azoren – Portugal,  Gambia, Scotland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Portugal, and more !

Holiday in summer and winter.

Complete programs in Belgium , in Europe and in the world

Adapted hotels

Adapted coaches.

Adapted programs

Travelbutlers for the different holidays




JPS TOURS biedt reizen aan voor cliënten met een beperking.


De reizen voor het jaar 2019

Reizen voor cliënten met een verstandelijke beperking

Reizen voor cliënten met een auditieve beperking.

Reizen voor cliënten met een mobiele beperking.

Reizen voor cliënten met een niet aangeboren hersenletsel

Reizen voor cliënten met een sociaal - economische beperking

Deze reizen zijn steeds begeleid van A tot Z  door ervaren Aksent Travelbutlers


Wij hebben weer een aantal topbestemmingen in petto

Nieuw in 2019

 Albanië, het land van de Witte Bergen


Montenegro, adembenemend mooi

Actieve vakanties in NEDERLAND - DENEMARKEN


JPS TOURS biedt ook reizen op maat voor leefgemeenschappen, leefgroepen, woonhuizen


Aangepaste reizen voor cliënten met een mobiele beperking : bv Cyprus met een aangepaste accommodatie

Aangepaste reizen voor cliënten met een mentale beperking

Aangepaste fietsvakanties : bv Nederland



JPS TOURS  gaat steeds op zoek naar organisaties die het INCLUSIEf reizen hoog in hun vaandel dragen.


Wij zorgen voor de aangepaste hotel, de maaltijden, de reservaties, de vliegtuigtickets en nog veel meer.


Het Aksent vzw


AksentLogo 002


Wij bieden een wekelijks activiteitenpalet aan, vooral op zaterdag.




Toffe weekends

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Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.